Festival Legend

Festival LegendDragon on the Lake gets its inspiration from the century old legend of a ferocious dragon spotted on Lake Orion. The year was 1894 when lake dwellers were reportedly terrorized by a monster that grew in size with each new sighting, from 18 to an enormous 80 feet long.  The Lake Orion Review even reported an encounter from one Mrs. Vincent Brown who fought off the beast while on a fishing excursion with her 2 nieces.

Some suspect it was all just a prank played by the two mischievous Miller boys who lived in a lakefront home on South Broadway. A newspaper in Detroit suggested residents “start drinking more well water.”

In any case, the story survived. Sports teams in Lake Orion are known as the Dragons. And each summer dragon boats replace the savage monster on the lake. Artist Mike Hendrix honors the myth in his Dragon on the Lake painting created in celebration of the festival. And Roberto Vecchi has written this poem, paying tribute to the legend and the new dragons that now grace Lake Orion.

On We Fly
Majestic grace on wings of old
We glide on winds of winter’s cold
Into the night retreat from view
Thoughts and dreams of mystic few

Our eyes lit fire and breath divine
To those opposed our wars resign
Thundered loudly with every beat
When we’re in sight, announce defeat

To all who stood against our might
No army held throughout the night
Yet defeat we felt from unseen grief
When lost to all profound belief

Then on water as oars stroke fast
We felt belief return at last
Our legend grew again to make
We rise again from Dragon’s Lake

So when you hear the thunder roar
Know on we fly, the winds we soar
Every Dragon, all our ranks
Owes Lake Orion, all our thanks.