Food Vendors

We have multiple opportunities for food trucks and novelty food vendors.
Please register here.

Food Vendor Registration
Vendors must supply their own tents • Set up begins 10A Thursday, 8.28 - Dragon Pub & Tiki Area Only • Vehicles MUST be out of the vendor area by Thursday at 4p • The festival committee reserves the right to limit vendors to provide a balanced variety.
FOOD Vendor Agreement 1. For food vendors at Dragon on the Lake (hereinafter referred to as the “event”) will be held August 25, 26, 27, 28, 2022 regardless of weather conditions. 2. Event Hours: Thursday, August 25 5p – 10:30p, Friday, August 26 6p – 11:30p, Saturday, August 27 10a – 11:30p, Sunday, August 28 10a – 7p 3. A fully executed application including all required documents and fees must be received by August 1, 2022. 4. Along with this application you must provide (2) valid certificates of liability insurance, naming the Orion Art Center, Orion Township, The Village of Lake Orion as additional insured, minimum $100,000.00 5. The “event” will assign your location. Vendors must park in the designated areas only & during event days. 6. Vendors must be open for business from the start of the event, until closing time each day and unless otherwise agreed by the event. 7. Vendors will supply proper power cords, subject to the “event’s” approval. You will be responsible for all electrical cords leaving your unit, covering them securely with electrical tape. All generators used or needed must be noted on your application. 8. Food Vendors Only: All food vendors must provide a valid Oakland County Health Department temporary food permit or STFU. A copy of the paid permit to be provided to the event by August 10, 2022. Failure to supply health permit will result in termination without refund. 9. Food Vendors Only: Food vendors must provide a menu with pricing. Any food or concession item not detailed in menu will not be permitted to be sold during the event. 10. Food Vendors Only: All heat elements must be located out of reach of public. 11. Vendor will keep their location and surrounding area clean and free of litter. 12. Vendors must immediately notify the Orion Art Center event contact of any injuries or accidents to persons or property during the event. 13. Consumption or promotion and selling of alcoholic beverages, foul language, posing a threat to the safety and welfare of attendees or the violation of any state rules or actions deemed inappropriate by the “event” will be cause for immediate removal from the premises and denial of future participation. 14. The Orion Art Center, its sponsors, members and participants assume no liability for loss or damage to vendor’s wares or property. Every precaution will be taken to guard against loss, or damage, but the vendor hereby waives any claim for loss or damage to his/her property. 15. The “event” may at any time cancel the rights granted to vendor should the vendor breach this agreement, or fail to abide by all rules and regulations hereby stated by the “event”. 16. Vendor agrees that they will comply with all laws, rules, regulations and ordinances of all governmental agencies and all other authorities having jurisdiction at the event. 17. Vendor shall pay all sales taxes or any other tax required by the city, state or federal taxing authority. 18. Hold Harmless: With the signing of this contract all vendors agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Orion Art Center and its officers, board of directors and agents from any cause or action whatsoever for any damage to, with respect to person or property, and agrees to assume full responsibility for the same. By registering and submitting payment the above 2022 Vendor Agreement is agreed to in full.